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An Ongoing List of Quick Tweaks for a Better Mobile Experience

Phones these days aren't just phones. They can do nearly everything a computer can at a small fraction of the size. It's hard to imagine that the small piece of metal, plastic, or glass in your pocket or purse is more powerful than all of the computers NASA used to land astronauts on the moon.

Our phones and tablets have very different methods of use and input than computers. We touch things directly, and anything using a keyboard requires a sacrifice of screen real estate. Most flows and interactions on today's web are still optimized for users with a mouse and keyboard, but there are quick and easy ways to improve sites for mobile interaction without impinging on the computer experience.

This series won't focus on larger tasks like building responsive sites because: A) that ground has been covered pretty well elsewhere, B) everything on this list should be easy to understand and apply to your own site or app within an hour or a day.

  1. Use HTML5 input types like email, url, tel, and number for easier data entry.
  2. Disable (or tweak) autocorrect, autocapitalize, and autocomplete where appropriate.
  3. Set font-size on inputs to a minimum of 16px to "fix" zooming.
  4. Hide or show password fields to reduce login problems.
  5. Style phone numbers as links for a better mobile experience.
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