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Designing for Behavior Change

Behavior change design creates entrancing—and effective—products and experiences. Whether you’ve studied psychology or are new to the field, you can incorporate behavior change principles into your designs to help people achieve meaningful goals, learn and grow, and connect with one another. Engaged offers practical tips for design professionals to apply the psychology of engagement to their work.

Chapter 1 A Kind of Magic: Psychology and Design Belong Together
Chapter 2 Pictures of Success: Measurement and Monitoring
Chapter 3 It’s My Life: Making Meaningful Choices
Chapter 4 Weapons of Choice: Make Decisions Easier
Chapter 5 Something in the Way: Diagnosing Ability Blockers
Chapter 6 Fix You: Solving Ability Blockers
Chapter 7 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Designing for Growth
Chapter 8 Come Together: Design for Connection
Chapter 9 Mr. Roboto: Connecting with Technology
Chapter 10 A Matter of Trust: Design Users Can Believe In
Chapter 11 Someday Never Comes: Design for the Future Self
Chapter 12 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now: Go Forth and Engage