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Hello Web Design

Design Fundamentals and Shortcuts for Non-designers

Beginner design books assume you want to become an expert designer. What if you want to learn just enough to complement your existing work? Hello Web Design will teach you the basics about design (no history!) and give you shortcuts so you can immediately become a better designer.

What you’ll learn
  • Walk through the stages of design
    Learn the steps of designing to help you go from idea, to blank paper, to prototypes, to launched project.
  • Shortcuts on choosing colors
    Forget choosing colors randomly on a color wheel — find out the best shortcuts to get you a great color palette fast.
  • The basics of fonts
    Learn the differences between fonts, basic typography, and where to find (and narrow down) great typefaces.
  • Demystifying white space
    You know it’s important, but how to use it? We'll go through where white space can help your design the most.
  • Where to find images and icons
    Great imagery can make a design. Learn some easy tips on how to use imagery and great resources on where to find it.
  • The importance of user experience
    Design isn’t how it looks — it’s how it works. Learn how your visual design ties into the user-experience.