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People Aren’t Robots

A Practical Guide to the Psychology and Technique of Questionnaire Design

People Aren't Robots is a short and easy to read book that will help marketers, brand managers, and advertising executives who may have less experience in the research industry create great questionnaires and collect high quality data. 

It will also help academic and experienced researchers write questionnaires that are better suited for the general population, particularly when using research panels and customer lists.

Dr. Pettit is an experienced researcher with more than fifteen years of practical experience who realized that many questionnaire guides continue to treat the people who answer questionnaires as robots rather than as fallible, imperfect people. Her book deals with the issue head on and provides many examples to illustrate how traditional questions can be converted to more modern and friendly, yet still accurately collect data.

Topics include general considerations related to the questionnaire process, how to write screener questions, how to write data quality questions, and how to tackle specific types of questions from single-selects, grids, scales, and more.