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Storytelling in Design

Principles and Tools for Defining, Designing, and Selling Multi-Device Design Products

The number of devices we use on a daily basis is growing, with different devices playing different role at different times. Our ability as designers to control where users are coming from and how they get around the experiences we design is fading. Yet our need to ensure we understand where they are in their journey, so that we can deliver the right content and interactions at the right time and on the right device, is ever more important.

By examining tried-and-tested storytelling principles from film, fiction, and music and applying them to the context of design and business, this book takes you on a journey to explore why storytelling matters and how you can apply it to your multi-device design projects and to your organization. For UX designers who want to learn how to apply simple storytelling tools, this comprehensive guide is a must.

  • Understand the role of storytelling and why it matters in multi-device design
  • Learn how to apply storytelling principles and tools to your project
  • Define multi-device interaction design, and create a better user experience across devices
  • Use storytelling principles to tell, sell, and present your multi-device design work
  • Take advantage of case studies and examples of DOs and DON’Ts