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How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans

The world becomes more tech-driven every day, and with it, the experiences we as humans have are increasingly shaped by algorithms, automation, and machine learning. Moreover, anyone who creates experiences for humans is inherently amplifying the values they encode far beyond whatever decisions they address. The implications of these experiences stand to shape human relationships, business expectations, culture, politics, and beyond for generations to come. 

At the same time, business leaders are also struggling with how to guide their businesses through the maze of digital transformation and the impact of digital disruption. A great deal of investment is now going into developing technology that will scale the company and the experiences it creates for humans who interact with it. 

The future is uncertain, but so are the impacts on the future from today’s decisions. So the moment is right, argues experience strategy expert Kate O’Neill, to make technology better for business and better for humans. 

This means an honest assessment that goes far beyond traditional profit motives and looks more deeply at the humanity-defining consequences of everyday human experience design within our increasingly tech-driven culture. Business leaders have the greatest influence on human experience and the greatest opportunity to gain from doing it right, so finding an integrated approach that benefits business and society is nothing short of critical to the future of humanity.