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The Craft of Words

If you’re a designer working with content, this book is for you. The principles we cover extend beyond the screen and can be applied in a wider context to improve communication as a central part of your design process.

Look carefully and you’ll notice that many of the most successful designs are built around words. Apple tantalises us with the ability to hold, “thousands of songs in your pocket.” MailChimp has created a wonderfully engaging brand, heavily focused around language.

Almost every interaction you make – whether online or offline – involves words. Words can help, words can hinder. As a designer you owe it to yourself, and your clients, to learn about the power of words.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of words as a design element.
  • Why tone and voice matter.
  • How to establish a brand dictionary.
  • Why functional microcopy matters.
  • How ‘delighters’ can transform experiences.