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The UX Learner’s Guidebook

A Ramp & Reference for Aspiring UX Designers

For beginners or those just curious about User Experience Design it can be very hard to know how or where to start learning. Most information about UX Design is disorganized, fragmented, and lacking in actual details.

The UX Learner’s Guidebook ties it all together to provide a strong, comprehensive learning foundation by combining practical, clear examples with in-depth explanations on topics such as:

• How to learn UX Design
• How UX Design happens
• UX methods and how to use them
• What makes up UX Design competency
• The different types of UX Design jobs
• How to find and land a job in UX Design

The UX Learner’s Guidebook goes beyond common UX advice, touching on the need for research, self-reflection, management, diplomacy, and collaboration in addition to technical design skills. This book prepares students and professionals by thoroughly explaining what it takes to excel at UX Design and giving you the tools and confidence to start practicing right away.