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The WebP Manual

Performance matters now more than ever. What we send over the wire, how we send it, and how much of it we send matters. Because users matter. Web performance is a vast subject with many nooks and crannies, and all deserve their due attention.

Of serious concern, however, is the role of media in performance, specifically images. Images are powerful. Engaging visuals evoke visceral feelings. They can provide key information and context to articles, or merely add humorous asides. They do anything for us that plain text just can’t by itself. But when there’s too much imagery, it can be frustrating for users on slow connections, or run afoul of data plan allowances. In the latter scenario, that can cost users real money. This sort of inadvertent trespass can carry real consequences.

In this ebook, you’ll learn all about WebP: what it’s capable of, how it performs, how to convert images to the format in a variety of ways, and most importantly, how to use it.